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"The Suono d'Oro Ensemble, founded in 2022 by Dorothea Seel, is dedicated to the world of chamber music. Our ensemble offers a unique musical experience that transcends boundaries, exploring the rich tapestry of chamber music from different eras and styles. We are committed to historical authenticity and employ period-accurate instruments and performance practices to bring the music of the past to life.Our repertoire is a testament to our passion for chamber music, ranging from Mozart quartets that showcase the enchanting interplay of flute and strings to Baroque, Classical, and Romantic compositions performed with flute and piano. We also specialize in woodwind quintets and solo concertos accompanied by our chamber ensemble.Join us on this extraordinary musical journey with the Suono d'Oro Ensemble, where the beauty of chamber music shines through, celebrating the diversity and richness of this timeless art form."

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